Artist Services

  • Portfolio

We offer professional level scanning and photography of your original artwork.  In our studio we handle all forms of two-dimensional mediums, as well as three-dimensional sculpture, ceramic or glass work,  fibers, and other wall hangings.

Our images are provided to you in digital format, and are useful for reproduction prints and/or canvases, website illustration, show submission, portfolio, note cards, and all of your marketing needs.

Original watercolor byDeborah Marble

Original watercolor by
Deborah Marble

  • Giclee Reproduction

Giclee is a sophisticated inkjet printing method. The process merges the use of professional grade large format printers with archival pigment inks, acid free watercolor papers and canvas. By using custom profiles and precise color correction, pigment printing can render subtle gradations and many colors that would be out of range with other technologies.  Reproductions can be almost indistinguishable from the original piece of art. We use the finest papers and canvas available on the market today.

Giclee Reproduction

Original oil painting by
Jennifer Sergeant